Research Projects

  • IMG_2341

    Stove Design and Development

    Particulate matter (PM) emitted from bio-fueled cook-stove is a large contributor to lower respiratory illness in developing nations. In addition, particulate matter significantly contributes to global warming and the trees that are harvested for cooking fuels is one of the leading causes of deforestation. Current natural draft cookstoves emissions on average must be reduced by …

  • IMG_2375

    Real Time Emissions Monitoring

    Reducing stove emissions remains a major goal for cookstove development Particulate matter and carbon monoxide pose human health risks and contribute to global warming. We have developed a real-time emissions monitoring system that measures combustion gases, particulate matter, excess air, among others. Real-time monitoring system has proven to be an invaluable tool in better understanding …

  • OHmf1

    Cookstove Modeling

    We are using numerical simulations of cookstoves to understand wood combustion, cookstove heat transfer and fluid mechanics, and guide stove design. We have developed a two dimensional axisymmetric CFD model of a natural draft cookstove that predicts excess air and heat transfer efficiency to the pot. The model uses the Eddy Dissipation Concept for combustion, …

  • Kenya User Research

    User Research and Commercialization of Cookstoves in Kenya

    We partner with Burn Manufacturing Corporation to conduct user research in Kenya. This IRB cleared research is used to better understand users needs and desires and willingness to pay for these features. The user research results are actively incorporated into the design and manufacturing process. The process will culminate in the commercialization of these cookstoves by Burn …